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Master Sculptor Program

The Master Sculpture Program is supported by a generous gift from Martha Wallace Pellett. Master Sculptor Program Sculptors-in-Residence demonstrate the sculpture process to the visiting public, work on pieces they have in process, give lectures on their work, and teach workshops on a variety of subjects. Since 1999, Master Sculptors have been selected by invitation each year and serve to further advance Brookgreen’s relationship with working sculptors.

2018 Residencies, Workshops, Lectures, and Events


March 24 - April 7 – Scott Rogers (Spring Sculptor in Residence)

Scott Rogers was born in 1961 in Mesa, Arizona, and lives in Logan, Utah.  His uncle, Grant Speed, was a renowned sculptor of American Western scenes.  Rogers’ desire is to use art as a vehicle to inspire mankind to see the beauty of all life.  In his own words: “I love what I do.  The feelings I portray about the old west I’ve had all my life.  I remember fondly the hours spent as a youth reading of renegades, rogues, and outlaws – of wild men and horses, ferocity, passion, cunning, independence, honor, loneliness, fear, courage, and freedom.”  View his work and see how these words worked their way into his soul and now find expression through his fingers in clay.  The west was about men and women who had courage to work for something better, people who believed in a future, and took risks to be a part of something greater than themselves.  Scott Rogers creates authentic portrayals of what they represented.  He says: “I depict men and woman who often found themselves in historical settings requiring courage.  It is pleasing to sculpt a piece that is an instant conduit to a rich body of knowledge (anatomy, emotion, history, period customs, and lore).”  He believes that the “line of silhouette” communicates volumes and that art lifts the spirit by helping to reach out for that which is good in life.  Art inspires one to feel better about oneself and one’s fellow man.

September 22-October 6 – Wesley Wofford (Fall Sculptor in Residence)

Wesley Wofford is from a small rural town in Georgia and displayed an artistic talent at an early age. He enrolled in Valdosta State University’s BFA Program on a competitive art scholarship, but after several years of study decided to leave and head for Hollywood, California. Infatuated with hyperrealism, he pursued work in the motion picture industry creating realistic people, characters, and animals. His obsession with advanced translucent silicones led him to develop his own formulas and techniques, which in turn catapulted him to the forefront of the makeup effects industry. Wofford has worked on over 75 motion pictures and television shows including A Beautiful Mind, Hannibal, Batman and Robin, The Rock, and Collateral. He has personally worked with such actors as Robert De Niro, Tom Cruise, Robin Williams, Julia Roberts, Will Smith, and Russell Crowe. He has been featured in magazine articles and television coverage and has received many awards, including an Emmy from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences as well as an Academy Award.  In 2002, he became dissatisfied with the medium of film and moved to the mountains of North Carolina with his family to pursue fine art sculpture full time. He still works on the occasional film, but spends most of his time completing both public and private commissions as well as pursuing his own compositions.  He organized a sculpture park within The Village Green near his home, where he is also the curator of a permanent collection and three Biennial Invitational Exhibitions. Wofford was invited to join The Bascom Board of Directors in Highlands, NC, and curated an Inaugural Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition there that opened May 2015.  In August 2016, he was elected a Fellow in the National Sculpture Society and, in March 2015, he was awarded Signature Status with The Portrait Society of America and is an elected member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Portrait Sculptors Society of the Americas.



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