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Sculpture Workshops

With the establishment of the Carroll A. Campbell, Jr. Center for American Sculpture, Brookgreen Gardens extended its educational reach to a broader audience with workshops in sculpture and drawing under the tutelage of nationally known sculptors throughout the year. To contact our sculpture department, click here and choose "sculpture" on the contact form.

2020 Wallace Master Sculptor Program Workshops



February 18 - 22   

Animals in Bas-Relief with Rod Zullo, FNSS, $650 plus materials’ fee

Students choose their subjects – horses, dogs, or whatever inspires them.  They will be taught how to build a fast, effective armature, and will be encouraged to see their pieces through to the finish.  Rod Zullo's philosophy of knowing how to start a piece and to finish it will be emphasized.  

March 9 - 13   

Passion of the Portrait - Creating the Portrait in Clay with Susan Wakeen, $650 plus materials fee and model’s fee

Please join us for an intensive 5-day study of how to design, construct, and sculpt the portrait in clay. We will start with a step by step process to bring the portrait as quickly as possible to its proper proportions. The focus will then be on a very careful study of the regions, planes, muscles, and forms of the head, neck, and shoulders. Students will learn the key “bony” landmarks and structure with an overview of the anatomy of the skull. As you learn the techniques of measuring and observation, it is also important to understand that the art of sculpting the portrait is equally important. There will be discussion and demonstrations throughout the five days.  The workshop concludes with a discussion about the mold-making process as well as the different methods and materials to cast with.  It is suitable for beginner to advanced artists.

March 30 - April 3

The Power and Beauty of the Female Figure with Spring Sculptor in Residence Richard Blake, FNSS, $650 plus materials and model’s fee  

This workshop will stress the governing principles which facilitate sculptors creating a reclining and seated female figure. I will share my insights of the figure, the female anatomy, and the spotting of color to create a dynamic sculptural composition. Students will be encouraged to see and think of the body’s landscape in terms of juxtaposed forms, weights, rhythms, and balance in capturing the character and expression of the model. I’ll demonstrate the punctuation of lights and darks in creating a sculpture or, to quote Rodin: “The Art of the Hole and the Lump.”  The class will work from a live model.  These sessions will be augmented by illustrated lectures and hands-on demonstrations. Water-based clay will be used to construct an 18-inch female figure. Figure armature will be assembled in class with materials furnished by Brookgreen Gardens.

 April 27 -30     

Animal Sculpture with T.D. Kelsey, FNSS, $550 plus materials and model fees

Good sculpting is a mix of expression and reality.  Students will learn how to capture the essence of an animal while remaining true to its anatomy.

May 4 - 6          

Painting Outside from Life (Plein-Air) with Rose Sandifer, FAAPL, FNSS, $450  

This is an opportunity to paint with an award-winning studio and plein air master.  Students may use the medium of their choice: oil, watercolor, acrylic, or pastel.  Rosie Sandifer will paint her demos in oil.  The group will meet in front of specific sculptures so that paintings might include the settings of the gardens, landmark trees, and water features.  Works will be reviewed both indoors and outdoors, discussing the creation of each artwork.  Rosie Sandifer’s retrospective exhibit of paintings and sculptures will be on view in the Rainey Pavilion, May 9-July 26.

June 8 - 12         

Beyond Repose: Sculpting the Human Form in Motion with Bryan Rapp, $650 plus materials and model’s fees  

This workshop is perfect for the beginning student, as well as others interested in exploring alternative methods and sculpture fellowship.  The workshop begins with a guided tour of existing works within the Brookgreen collection to examine how the architecture of the human body responds to movement; in particular, we will look at how sculptors before us have executed gesture, balance, weight, and sometimes exaggeration of the human anatomy to tell interesting and believable stories. There will be a brief discussion on selecting an appropriate pose, followed by a demonstration of how to build and scale/proportion an armature. There will also be daily instruction and demonstrations of other methods and rendering processes as we progress through the week. We will have discussions on the world of sculpture; the artists informing us, the materials, methods, and technologies available to us, and problem-solving. Students will use photos and other reference materials, and a live model to create their own concepts and sculptural compositions using an oil-based clay. Each student will receive individual attention and stylized instruction tailored to their needs throughout the week. Later, students will also create an alginate mold, and a hydro-stone casting of their hand to take home as a modelling reference.

August 10 - 14       

The Portrait in Relief Sculpture: A Course in Medallic Design and Process with Eugene Daub, FNSS, $650 plus materials fee

Learning the practice of relief sculpture applied to the portrait is the focus of this workshop.  Students will learn how to cast their work in plaster and work into the negative mold.  The positive effect of this method cannot be overstated.  Students will work from a photo reference.  The word, “medallic”, does not necessarily mean that the portrait will be cast in metal.  It is used here as a term that connotes the format, process, or size.  The workshop also covers how the finished plaster can be reduced to a smaller size and cast into different materials such as bronze, resin, and clay.  We will discuss alternative ways of making medals.  Patination will be covered and, if time allows, there will be a demonstration by the instructor.

August 31 - September 4  

Make Your Own Brookgreen Medal with Heidi Wastweet, FNSS, $650, plus materials fee  

Art medals are an important part of the Brookgreen Gardens legacy. The goal of this popular workshop is not just compact focused study, but also to end up with a finished sculpture in bronze. A single-sided art medal is a bite-size project that can be completed in this five day class. On the first day, Heidi will take participants around the gardens, galleries and zoo to take their own reference photos and gather inspiration to develop designs. Optionally, participants can bring references or designs from home. The next three days are for hands on sculpting interspersed with demonstrations. The final day will be simple mold-making with silicone rubber and plaster. For an additional fee of $100 and to cover the cost of casting, patina, and shipping, she will send your piece to a foundry and ship to you a finished bronze medal. (International shipping additional) Those who don't want a bronze can take home a plaster cast and participants are encouraged to exchange plaster casts of their medal with each other. This workshop is tailored to the individual so there are no prerequisites. Easy enough for absolute beginners and challenging enough seasoned professionals looking to break out of a rut.

September 21 - 25       

Navigating a Portrait Commission Without a Model with Wesley Wofford, FNSS, $650, plus materials fee   

This five-day intensive workshop will focus on the business and art of a portrait commission.  It will simulate portrait sculpture commissions where the subject is unavailable, be it a historical or posthumous work, or a specific situation where the model is inaccessible.  It will include client interactions, contracts, budgeting, and historical and reference collections.  We will use live models, life-casts, and other resources to “fill in the gaps”, applying foundational knowledge of underlying structural anatomy.  We will also focus on composition, embedding narrative, and imbuing emotional resonance.  Each participant will build an armature and sculpt a portrait bust with oil-based clay.  Teaching methods will include brief lectures and discussions, a guided tour of historic examples within the Brookgreen collection, as well as armature building and sculpture demonstrations showing a variety of clay modeling techniques.  This course is appropriate for beginning or advanced students of sculpture, and each participant will receive instruction based on his specific skill levels.

October 5 - 9           

Birds in Sculpture with Sandy Scott, FNSS $650, plus materials fee

The class begins with a discussion of bird anatomy, the principles of aerodynamics, and how to achieve the illusion of movement in sculptures of birds in flight.  Students will learn how to construct an armature for blocking-in birds in flight.  Sandy Scott will help students determine the difference between a sculpture that is technically adequate and one that has spirit and life.  All aspects of modeling in oil-based clay will be explored and beginning students are welcome.  Students will learn the importance of assembling strong, meaningful shapes and how eliminating unimportant details can create the bird’s essence.  Students will work from photography, drawings, field guides, and videotapes of birds in flight.  Above all, armature building, assembling reference for a specific species, aerodynamics, anatomy, and creating art is the focus.  Sandy has instructed bird sculpture for over 30 years and is recognized as one of America’s leading wildlife artists.

October 12 - 16       

Mold-making with Trish Smith, $650, plus materials fee

Learn the process of making a simple piece mold with a master mold-maker.  Bring completed, small sculptures in oil-base clay with no undercuts from which to make a mold.  Heads, small animals, or small birds with folded wings are ideal.  If you do not have a suitable sculpture to bring, sculptor Sandy Scott will work with you on the first day of the workshop to model an owl or hawk head study.

October 28 - 31       

Observational Workshop: Learning to See for Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture with Neil Rizos, $550

There is an excellent reason classical training in representational art begins with drawing - and it is not because drawing is inherently valuable as an ability or as a product. The real value in classical training is this understanding: Accurate drawing arises from correct visual analysis. There can be no accurate drawing (or painting or sculpture) if one has not learned and consistently applied a method of visual analysis, providing the specific information needed to render an object accurately. Importantly, this method of analysis can be effectively taught and learned. It is the deepest meaning of the vague and often misunderstood term, ‘Seeing’, in the context of Art. Seeing, (the result of intelligent, purposeful observation) is a learned skill, not a talent. This is the premise of the Observational Workshop.  The workshop itself, consists of learning a proven method of visual analysis and using it to observe 2D images and 3D objects, which we will then draw, accurately. The multi-day workshop reveals the power of this same method when applied to the element of color. It is important to remember, as with any skill, that one’s ability and eventual mastery, comes from regular, disciplined practice of the fundamentals.

Workshops for Children and Families (New in 2020!)

May 16 – Light Sculpture with Bryan Rapp, 11:00am-12:00pm, Campbell Center Studio, $10 per child (must be accompanied by an adult)

Create your own lighted sculpture (a la Southern Lights) using provided materials such as light sticks, water bottles, clear cups, and other items.  Contact Terry Belanger to register and pay in advance (required),, 843-235-6034.  

August 1 – Foil Sculptures with Bryan Rapp, 11:00am-12:00pm, Campbell Center Studio, $10 per child (must be accompanied by an adult)

Participants will create human and animal three-dimensional forms using provided materials such as aluminum foil and wire.   Contact Terry Belanger to register and pay in advance (required), 843-235-6034,

November 21 – Holiday Foil Reliefs with Bryan Rapp, 11:00am-12:00pm, Campbell Center Studio, $10 per child (must be accompanied by an adult)

Make a sculpted holiday card or ornament in relief.  Materials are provided.  Contact Terry Belanger to register and pay in advance (required), 843-235-6034,

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Registration and Payment

Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  A registration fee of $150 is required upon registration.  A student is not on the class list until the fee is paid.  After attending one workshop, students may receive a 10% tuition discount for attendance in subsequent workshops during the same year.  Students are asked to provide a complete mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address when registering.  Using American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card, students may register by telephone, Mondays-Fridays, at (800) 849-1931, ext. 6012, or at (843) 235-6012.  Checks are to be made payable to Brookgreen Gardens and can be sent to: Brookgreen Gardens, Attn: Sculpture Workshops, PO Box 3368, Pawleys Island, SC 29585.  Contact for additional information. The full class listing is also found at  A waiting list is established once a class has filled. 

Withdrawals, Cancellations and Refund Policies

Withdrawal from a workshop must be in writing and must be given at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the workshop.  We prefer to apply the registration fee to a future workshop but, if this is not possible, it will be refunded.  If a student withdraws during a workshop, a pro-rated tuition payment plus any fees for materials or models must be paid.  The full registration fee ($150) will be kept if a student does not attend and does not provide a written notice of withdrawal by the deadline.  Students will receive a full refund in the event that a workshop must be cancelled by Brookgreen Gardens.

Levels of Skill

All workshops require students to have basic familiarity with the subject matter of the class.

Supplies, Books and Additional Fees

A supply list of required materials will be sent approximately three weeks prior to the start of each workshop.  Students may not bring their own clay to the workshop unless the instructor has specified it.  If recommended, students are encouraged to obtain books prior to the workshop.  Some materials for workshops are provided and some workshops require models, both for additional fees.  In the event additional fees are required, they are determined at cost and divided evenly among the students.

Daily Schedule

Although each sculpture workshop begins and ends at the instructor’s discretion, the schedule is generally 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on the first day, and 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on subsequent days, which provides six hours of instruction per day.  One hour is allowed for lunch.  In order to keep to the schedule, students are encouraged to bring their own bag lunches or to use Brookgreen food service facilities.  Refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker, water-cooler, and vending machines are located at the Campbell Center. 

Questions?: Robin R. Salmon, VP of Art and Historical Collections and Curator of Sculpture (843) 235-6012; or or Terry Belanger, Curatorial Associate (Tuesday through Friday) at (843) 235-6034.

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