Brookgreen U

Discover "Brookgreen U", our comprehensive continuing education initiative designed to enrich both the community and our visitors. Featuring an array of classes and interactive experiences, Brookgreen U fosters lifelong learning and exploration.

Beginning in January of each year, our program offers a curated selection of lectures, demonstrations, and workshops. With four classes per month, participants can delve into the realms of our four mission areas: Art, Horticulture, Wildlife, and History.

“Brookgreen U: Intensives” allows visitors to engage in hands-on activities and classes, where learning extends beyond the standard one hour timeframe. Electives provide ongoing educational opportunities within the surroundings of Brookgreen Gardens.

Join us in unlocking the doors to knowledge and exploration at Brookgreen U.


Our program is designed for personal enrichment. Each completed class or elective earns one credit, culminating in a Brookgreen U Certificate upon the completion of four classes or electives per quarter- fulfilling one class in each of the mission areas.

Attend four Brookgreen U offerings in a quarter and earn a Brookgreen U certificate! Certificate recipients can enjoy a 20% discount on purchases in our Keepsakes Gift Shop.

Our quarters are:

Winter (Jan.- Mar.), Spring (April- June), and Fall (Sept.-Nov.).

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Registration is required. Walk-ins are subject to availability.


Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you will ever have is your mind and what you put into it. – Albert Einstein