Indigo Dyeing, Workshop with Caroline Harper


Leonard Pavilion

Sat, Sep 14 2024, 10am - 3pm
Sat, Sep 14 2024


Come and learn the ancient art of dyeing cloth with indigo. This class will take you through the process, from harvesting the plant, preparing the dye, and designing a beautiful silk scarf for you to take home and enjoy for years! You will learn about the history of dyeing with indigo and enjoy a walk through Bethea’s Garden. 

Participants will be shown the ARASHI SHIBORI, also known as pole-wrapping. Arashi (Japanese for “storm”) shibori is a Japanese ancient technique that results in vertical or diagonal stripes that are reminiscent of the storm driven rain. The prepared scarf will then be dipped a few times in a fresh leaf indigo bath. After unwrapping, you will enjoy the surprise of seeing everyone’s unique creation and go home with a beautiful silk scarf. 

Bring your own lunch and a refillable water bottle. 

Please wear old clothes, an old shirt or apron, and closed-toe shoes. 

Scarf, gloves and other materials will be provided. 


About the Instructor 

Caroline Harper, originally from France, pursued art studies at the University of South Carolina, majoring in graphic design. Transitioning from a corporate career of two decades, a trip to Japan sparked her fascination with traditional indigo dyeing, leading her to switch to freelance artistry. For the past nine years, she has cultivated indigo plants, extracted pigment, and crafted natural dyes, resulting in a unique line of home and fashion accessories. Her success is rooted in a revived interest in indigo dyeing and heritage crops, particularly in South Carolina, where she grows the same indigo species cultivated in the 1700s. This historical significance, including its ties to the state flag and its role in textile history, fuels her passion for its revival. Her work has been featured in various publications, notably Southern Living and Smithsonian, amplifying awareness of indigo's resurgence in the Lowcountry community.