Brookgreen U

To advance our educational mission, Brookgreen Gardens is offering “Brookgreen U” in 2021, providing a variety of classes and hands-on learning opportunities for the community and our visitors.

Consisting of a variety of lectures, demonstrations, and workshops, classes will begin in January. Four classes per month will be offered each quarter: January – March, April – June, and September – November. Classes will concentrate on Art, Horticulture, Wildlife, and History.

Some classes will engage students in make-and-take activities. Electives will include ongoing learning experiences at Brookgreen Gardens. Completion of each class or elective will qualify as one (1) credit. Completion of four (4) classes or electives per quarter that represent one of each departmental focus of Art, Horticulture, Wildlife, and History will qualify students with enough credits to receive a Brookgreen U Certificate.

Wed, Jun 28 2023, 10:30 - 11:30am
Wed, Jun 28 2023
Join us to learn about the archaeology of South Island. Located at the mouth of Winyah Bay in Georgetown County, Native Americans, including the Winyah, the Waccamaw, and the Pee Dee tribes, likely hunted, fished, and gathered clams, mussels, oysters, and wild plants. Later planters from nearby plantations, like Hume, Cat Island, and Daisy Bank, established summer homes on the island to escape the...