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Spider Facts and Fun!

Spider Facts and Fun!

Wed, April 1, 2020 by Viki Richardson, Coordinator for Outreach Programs | in Education

What Is a Spider?

Is a spider an insect? No, it is an arachnid. Spiders are invertebrates found on every continent, except for Antarctica. Over 43,000 spider species have been recorded. Here are some examples.

Garden Spider

Spinybacked Orbweaver 

Brown Recluse 


Wolf Spider

Spider Bodies

Spiders have two body parts, a head and an abdomen. A spider has eight legs and can regrow a leg if it should lose one. 

Spider Webs

Most spiders spin webs. The webs are made of silk. The silk is a liquid in the spider's body. Spiders have special parts called spinnerets. The spider pushes the silk out through the spinnerets and it becomes a solid. Spiders can make sticky silk to trap insects or thin, dry thread for a dragline.

Make Your Own Spider Web!

Thread the string or yarn through the holes of a paper plate. 

Make a spider by adding legs to the pom pom.

You can create your own web and spider using materials found around your home. If you don't have pom poms, try a bottle cap! You could even paint a fun face on it!

Parents - post your children's masterpieces on your Facebook or Instagram with #BrookgreenAtHome so we can see their work!

Here is a link to more information about Arachnids. Spiders are Arachnids


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