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Make a simple coffee filter flower.

Make a simple coffee filter flower.

Fri, March 27, 2020 by Viki Richardson, Coordinator for Outreach Programs | in Education

 Make a simple coffee filter flower!

Your child can make a beautiful bouquet of flowers without leaving the house! This is an easy craft to make at home, using items from around the home.


Coffee filters

Markers, or watercolors

Chenille sticks, a small stick of some sort that you have around the house to be used for a stem.

Spray bottle with water

Scotch tape


First color your coffee filter.

Lay the filter on a waterproof surface and mist with water from a spray bottle (if using watercolors, skip this step). The colors will run into each other.

Let the filter dry.

Then fold the filter in half and half again to make a crease.

Lay the stem (chenille stick, straw, stick, etc.) on the filter.

Tape the stem into place.








Then fold the filter over the stem into a quarter of the filter and tape along the bottom edge of the filter.

Arrange the petals of your flower.

If you would like, cut a scalloped edge to your flower for a different look.




After you finish your flowers, post them with #BrookgreenAtHomeKids so we can see your masterpiece.




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