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Baby Alligators Hatch at Brookgreen Gardens’ Zoo

Recently, for the first time in decades four baby alligators emerged from the nest of 23 eggs laid by one of the female alligators in the Lowcountry Zoo at Brookgreen Gardens.

“The eggs started chirping this past Saturday and we have had to assist them out of the shell to hatch,” said Andrea DeMuth, Vice-President and Curator of Zoological Collections. “A couple of years ago, we brought two female alligators from St. Augustine Alligator Farm and they joined our male alligator in the exhibit. He has lived at the Zoo since the 1970's, and we estimate his age to be 65-70 years,” said DeMuth continued. “The male alligator tolerated both females, but paid special attention to one of them and now for the first time in many, many years we have baby alligators in our Zoo.”

“We are excited to see the baby alligators,” said Bob Jewell, President and CEO. “It shows how conscientious our staff is in taking care of the animals here. Our plan is to continue to grow and expand the Zoo with additional exhibits and species of animals.”

The baby alligators are not on public display now but will appear as part of our daily 'Meet the Animals' program as soon as they are old enough.