With the establishment of the Carroll A. Campbell, Jr. Center for American Sculpture, Brookgreen Gardens extended its educational reach to a broader audience with workshops in sculpture and drawing under the tutelage of nationally known sculptors throughout the year. Students are attracted by the caliber of the teachers and by the opportunity to learn within the Brookgreen environment.
Email sculpture@brookgreen.org for more information.

2016 Workshops

Feb 22-26
Modeling Animals with Rod Zullo
, FNSS, $650, plus materials fee
Each student chooses his subject – horses, dogs, or whatever inspires them. They will be taught how to build a fast, effective armature, and will be encouraged to see their pieces through to the finish. Rod Zullo's philosophy of knowing how to start a piece and to finish it will be emphasized.
Rod Zullo was born in 1965 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. When he was five, his grandmother, a painter, encouraged his parents to send him to private art lessons with a well-known Buck’s County impressionist. A consummate student of art, he continually searches for his own truth and language. Traveling abroad has exposed him to a variety of art styles, mediums, and messages. By studying past and present masters, he explores sculpture as a metaphor of the human condition. Under the guidance and mentoring of Montana sculptor Floyd T. DeWitt, Rod Zullo strives to see beyond the literal and narrative to create work that is contemplative and expressive yet conscious of traditional fundamentals. His goal is to see the abstract forms in nature and express this in sculpture by marrying the components of discipline and creativity to express a concept rather than an image. He has won multiple awards from the National Sculpture Society and is a Professional Member. He has also been featured at the National Museum of Wildlife Art’s “Western Visions” Show. For 20 years, Rod Zullo has traveled all over the world as a fisherman guide for everything from blue marlin to brook trout. He has also written magazine articles for leading sporting publications.

Mar 7-11
Sculpture of the Horse: Understanding the Structure with Kathleen Friedenberg
, NSS, $650, plus materials fee
The workshop will guide students in building a small equine figure, through a systematic approach, based on anatomical principles. Informal talks on anatomy will give an understanding of basic skeletal and muscular structure as it relates to form and movement. Instruction will progress from the building of an appropriate armature to the development of a complete sculpture in clay. The class is suitable for all skill levels, from complete beginners onward, and all students will receive individual attention.

Mar 30-Apr 1
Modeling the Extreme Portrait with Sculptor in Residence Peter Rubino
, $450, plus materials and model fees
Using a fresh and intuitive sculptural language, Peter Rubino will lead you on a technical and artistic journey toward understanding the dynamic and creative forces in larger-than-life-size portrait sculpture. Follow Peter's step-by-step method of blocking in the foundation and establishing facial planes associated with the human head. Learn how to capture the likeness and expression of your subject with new tooling techniques and use of texture. Rubino encourages you to go BIG and develop your own individual artistic style. "We don't make mistakes, we make adjustments".
Peter Rubino has achieved international acclaim with numerous private and corporate commissions. Mother of All Life, a 10-foot-tall historic monument graces the Boyko research center at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Beer Sheva, Israel and Angel, a 35-foot-tall monumental figure, was created for the Walt Disney Co. His inspiring workshops utilize the easy to follow, step-by-step teaching methods perfected over 35 years as an instructor at prestigious art institutions such as The Brooklyn Museum Art School and The National Academy School of Fine Art in New York City. Peter Rubino also originated “Symphony in Clay” – a unique high energy, “extreme sculpting”, performance piece. Portraits of jazz icon Dave Brubeck and sports legend Lou Gehrig are examples of Peter Rubino's talent for making bronze come to life with vitality. His comprehensive books, The Portrait in Clay and Sculpting the Figure in Clay, are distributed worldwide and have been translated into numerous languages.

Apr 8-12
Birds in Sculpture with Sandy Scott
, FNSS, $650, plus materials fee
The class begins with a discussion of bird anatomy, the principles of aerodynamics, and how to achieve the illusion of movement in figures of birds. Sandy Scott will help students determine the difference between a sculpture that is technically adequate and one that has spirit and life. She will discuss the value of lost and found edges, along with the way good composition and an expressive surface convey rhythm, light, and feeling of movement. Students will learn the importance of assembling strong, meaningful shapes and how eliminating unimportant details can create the bird’s essence. Students will work from photography, drawings, taxidermy mounts, and videotapes of birds in flight, and will receive instruction in building armatures. Above all, movement, gesture, and anatomy are the focus.
Sandy Scott trained at the Kansas City Art Institute and worked in animation before turning her attention to etching in the 1970s and sculpture in the 1980s. An elected member of the National Sculpture Society, she has won awards from the National Academy of Design, Allied Artists of America, Pen and Brush Club, American Artists’ Professional League, Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, and a Gold Medal for sculpture from the National Academy of Western Art. In 1998, the Gilcrease Museum honored Scott with a retrospective and she is an elected member of the National Sculpture Society. Her work may be seen in numerous public installations and museums, including Brookgreen Gardens, and she was commissioned to sculpt an eagle for the Clinton Presidential Library. She participates in many annual juried exhibitions, including Prix de West, Autry, Northwest Rendezvous, Cheyenne Frontier Days Museum Show, and the National Wildlife Museum Fall Exhibition. A veteran instructor, Scott teaches at Scottsdale Artists School and Brookgreen Gardens, and is the subject of a book, Spirit of the Wild Things: the Art of Sandy Scott.

April 18-22
Modeling a Likeness in Clay with Lawrence Noble, FNSS, $650, plus materials and model fees. This five-day workshop will focus on the subtlety as well as the complexity of modeling a specific likeness in clay. It will illuminate the different shapes and forms of the human face while concentrating on alignments, angles, and planes, and how they work together to create a visual roadmap to an individual likeness. This is not a portrait workshop; rather, you will learn the many subtle differences between individuals. Participants will sculpt a life-size sculpture from a model over a five-day period as they are instructed to consider the overall balance of features that constitute a successful likeness in clay.

May 16-20
Fundamentals of Sculpting the Human Form with Sergey Eylanbeko
v, FNSS, $650, plus materials and model fees
Students will study and model a human figure from life, using water-based clay. The workshop will be based on classical figure modeling tradition mixed with contemporary approaches to figurative sculpture. The class will focus on composition as an essential tool of expression, development of observational skills, form and its logic, and study of the elements, structure, proportions, and anatomy of the human figure. Students will work on several poses, including seated and reclined figure studies. Modeling demonstrations by the instructor will be an important part of the workshop and special instruction on modeling hands and feet will be provided. A variety of clay modeling techniques necessary for the successful execution of a realistic sculpture will be discussed and demonstrated.
Sergey Eylanbekov was born in Russia in 1960, and began his sculpture and drawing studies in Moscow in 1973. His professional career began in 1984, after graduation with honor from the Moscow Surikov Academy of Fine Arts. The Russian Ministry of Culture acquired several of his sculptures for permanent exhibition in various museums. In 1989, Eylanbekov moved to the United States and continued to create and exhibit bronze sculptures, paintings, and drawings. Through the years, he has exhibited sculpture in a variety of techniques and materials (mainly bronze), receiving numerous awards, and completing various commissions. His sculpture, Five Continents, officially represented the United States of America in the Worldwide Olympic Art and Sport Contest in commemoration of the Olympic Summer Games 2004 in Athens, Greece. The sculpture was awarded First Place and is in the collection of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2005, his works were exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow and, in 2006, at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. He has created a recently dedicated monument for the City of Oslo, Norway. His art can be found in public and private collections in the United States, Europe, and Russia.

Jun 6-10
Modeling the Figure with Anthony Antonio
s, FNSS, $650, plus materials and model fees
The workshop will provide an in-depth exploration of the human form through modeling in water-based clay. Participants will model a half-size figure (choice of standing, sitting, or reclining) on a 30-inch armature working from the same model each day. Each person will receive individual attention, including demonstrations in sculpture and drawing, if needed.
Anthony Antonios, born in New York City, had early art training at the High School of Art and Design where he was influenced by Frank Eliscu. He continued his education at the Pratt Institute, the National Academy School of Fine Arts, where he studied with EvAngelos Frudakis and Granville Carter, and the Art Students League, studying anatomy and drawing with Robert Beverly Hale and painting with Robert Brackman. He has taught sculpture and drawing at the University of Hartford, Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, Art Students League, and National Academy School of Fine Arts. His work has been widely exhibited in important gallery and museum shows. Among his many awards and honors are the Gold Medal from the American Artists Professional League, Leonard Meiselman Memorial Prize of the National Sculpture Society, Harriet Frishmuth Prize of the National Academy, and he is a Fellow of the National Sculpture Society. His sculpture is in public and private collections including that of Brookgreen Gardens.

Jun 13-15
The Feel of Real with Keith Martin John
s, MFA (landscape oil painting workshop), $450 (bring your own materials and reference photograph)
Leonardo da Vinci coined the term, “attributes of sight”. All such attributes are contrasting, yet are united in nature. Using classical knowledge with impressionistic application and the primary tertiary vibrant colors of Fauvism, the goal will be to create a finished 18” x 24” work of art that has both the illusion of depth and feel of the surface. This course will bring three art movements together into one arena and will be both academic and explosively responsive in its experiential exploration.
Day 1: Introduction, handout notebook and review, explain three movements and how we are intending to paint them into one technique, work on preliminary exercises, begin large painting (very loose brush – and knife).
Day 2: Quick critique, continue working on large painting with heavy texture, begin to refine contrasting textures and surfaces, Q & A (at end of day).
Day 3: Begin working primarily with various larger brushes, work toward detail with smaller brushes, adjust all textural applications, finish with final accents, critique, Q&A.
Known for many years for his romantic landscapes of Florida’s natural wilderness, Keith Martin Johns began another journey. After receiving a Master of Fine Art degree, he diversified his art in large format multi-figure narratives, still life, city-scapes, and portrait work. As a professional landscape and wildlife artist, Johns has painted over 500 images from around the state of Florida archiving over 400 into collectable limited edition Giclée prints. This versatile artist was born in Englewood, Florida, in 1954 in a small rural coastal town. He was born the son of a fisherman, which he writes “gave me a love for nature, along with my mother who delighted in the seashore”. After graduating from Trinity College of Florida with a BA degree in Biblical Studies, Mr. Johns was employed at Riverside Fellowship Baptist Church as the Director of Missions which brought a new awakening of international cultural studies to his soul. His travels took him to remote villages in Africa, India, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Canada and South America. Through his life travels as an artist and in ministry, his desire is to mentor and teach Christian artists. He achieved a Master of Fine Art degree from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA in 2014. He currently teaches as an adjunct professor at The Baptist College of Florida, instructor of art workshops and paints for his collection. In the fall of 2015, he will chair the Art Department of Painting at the college. Keith lives in Graceville, FL with his wife Linda where the couple own and operate the Keith Martin Johns Collections and Art Design Center.

Jul 15-17
Bas-relief Portraits with Amy Kann
, FNSS, $450 plus materials fee
This class is designed to teach you how to create a bas-relief portrait using a photograph rather than a live model. We will work from a single photograph that you bring on the first day of class. Bring an image of a friend, a family member, or a beautiful face that you feel excited about. Information detailing the type of image needed will be provided after registering for the class. We will cover head structure as well as the methods used to create the dimensional quality and subtlety that bas-relief is known for. For those who would like to add names or words to their works, I will also give a quick demo on how to sculpt lettering in clay.
Amy Kann lives and works in Philadelphia. Her sculpture is in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian Institute, The British Museum, Brookgreen Gardens, McNay Museum, National Sculpture Society, and the American Numismatic Society. Her work has been exhibited in the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Brookgreen Gardens’ Rainey Sculpture Pavilion, Woodmere Museum, and the Pennsylvania State Museum. Amy Kann is a Fellow and Vice President of the National Sculpture Society, located in New York City. In 2012, she was the Sculptor in Residence at Brookgreen Gardens. Her many private and public commissions include those from Brookgreen Gardens, American Numismatic Society, Beckman Institute, Green-Wood Cemetery, Seigel and Gale. She is the recipient of the Alex J. Ettl Grant for Sculpture from the National Sculpture Society. Articles about her work have been published in American Art Collector, Sculpture Review, International Artist and ANS, the American Numismatic Society. Her numerous awards include Best in Show, First Place, and Second Place Awards from the Portrait Society of America, Gold and Bronze Medals from National Sculpture Society, First Place Award for Sculpture from the Salmagundi Club, Second Place Award from The Pennsylvania State Museum, along with many other awards from Allied Artists of America, Red River Museum, The Audubon Society, and the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club.

Sep 12-16
Developing the Sculptor’s Eye with Simon Kogan
, FNSS, $650, plus materials and model fees
Energy, action, movement, and feeling in sculpture are not a theatrical mask or a symbolic gesture - they are pieces of a deep, hidden secret to be discovered and brought to life. We will learn how to see more in a model than just a tedious account of features and details. We will uncover hidden emotions in mundane poses and turn them into remarkable, exciting sculpture. We will find whispering movement and turn it into pronounced action. We will see how motion and character are tied to anatomy and structure, and how they define both possibilities and limitations. We will be working with a model, using the material of your choice (oil clay, water clay). The class will be a focused study in anatomical and figurative sculpture, sculpting from life with the goal of enhancing understanding of structure, composition, and sculpting technique. Students will produce many sculptures, 8” to 14” tall, quick and juicy. Students will discover the connection between clay choice and the mood of the sketch. Transforming a lump of clay into an exciting dynamic form is a magic. Together, we will develop an eye that uncovers these secrets.
Simon Kogan was born in Russia and studied under Isaac Brodsky, one of that country’s renowned sculptors. He received his MFA in Moscow before moving to the United States as a young man. Kogan’s work has been featured in exhibitions in the United States, Russia, Spain, and France, and is in private and public collections worldwide. He was commissioned to create Washington State’s World War II Memorial, which was dedicated in 1999. Recent major works include Cezanne for the Granet Museum in Aix-en-Provence, France, and a Holocaust Memorial for Temple Beth Shalom in Spokane, WA. He was a Rainey Master Sculptor at Brookgreen Gardens in 2010 and was the designer of the 2011 Brookgreen Medal. He is a Fellow of the National Sculpture Society.

Sep 27-Oct 1
Two Figure Sculpture with Sculptor in Residence Christopher Smith
, FNSS, $650, plus materials and model fees
This class is about composing a sculpture using two figures and a plinth. In the morning, students will sketch in water clay twenty minute compositions from the two models on the stand. These exercises will stress the basic skills of sketching in the third dimension while carefully observing and recreating the sculptural conversation between two models on the stand. The poses will be reclining and sitting so no armatures are required. Students will spend two hours in the morning doing the twenty-minute sketches and four hours in the afternoon working on a long pose of the two models. This pose/composition will continue for the five days of the class.

Oct 24-28
Working from Life, the Positive Approach to Clay Modeling with Alan LeQuire
, NSS, $650, plus materials and model fees
The workshop will concentrate on methods of clay modeling, working from a live model. We will study the anatomy and proportions of the human figure, with the emphasis on developing positive form and beautiful composition.
Alan LeQuire is a figurative sculptor, well known for his public commissions and sensitive portraiture. LeQuire works in a variety of sculptural materials, including wood, stone, gypsum, and cast bronze. He has completed a number of architectural, collaborative and site-specific projects since he began accepting commissions in 1981. Most notable are his Athena Parthenos, the largest freestanding interior statue in the Western world, and Musica, the largest bronze figure group in the United States.
Nov 7-11
Medallic Art with Eugene Daub
, FNSS, $650, plus materials fee
This workshop will cover not only instruction for modeling but for molding and casting of negative and positive plasters. Working in the plaster negative offers the artist the unique opportunity to carve letters and address details that are impossible to execute in the original clay. You will be creating a portrait (human, animal, plant, or building) from a photo/digital image of your choice. It is critical to select a photo that has enough visual information, revealing the structure and subtleties of form, to enable the student to recreate it in relief (additional information on this will be provided when you register). Letter-carving will be one of the techniques that will be covered as will how to transfer the drawing to the clay. The format will be an 8” slightly dished basin for the clay relief. It is common practice to model a medallion oversize and then reduce it. Eugene Daub will discuss all of the options for reduction. Eugene Daub studied at the University of Pittsburgh, the Pennsylvania Academy for the Fine Arts, and Alfred University in New York. His teaching experience is equally extensive, having taught at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, the Pennsylvania Academy for the Fine Arts, the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture, and Rutgers University. Eugene Daub is nationally known for his work in the field of medallic art. He received the highest national and international awards for excellence in figurative and bas-relief sculpture from the American Numismatic Society and the American Numismatic Association. In 2002, he received the Arthur Ross Award from the Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America for achievement in figurative sculpture. He is a Fellow of the National Sculpture Society and of the American Numismatic Society, and is a former vice president of the American Medallic Sculpture Association. His works appear in numerous private and public collections, including the British Museum, the Smithsonian, and Brookgreen Gardens.

Nov 28-Dec 2
Anatomy for Sculptors: Head and Neck with Uldis Zarin
s, $650, plus materials fee
Students are offered in-depth knowledge on the subject of the head and neck that will be used with images and with Uldis Zarins’ new model of the topology of the human head and neck. Students will try out this information through the use of drawing and clay. Points to be covered are: explain construction of head and neck using geometric shapes; teach topography and construction of generic male and female head; analyze shapes and anatomy of eye, nose, lips and ear; explain skull and muscles, shapes and functions; address the question, “How can we translate the human form from 2D to 3D?”; tailor the presentation and discussion to the areas of interest for the students and answer questions; hands-on blocking-out session in sculpting or drawing; provide tips and tricks to visualize and express emotions, gender, age differences, and proportions using the techniques from the full-color book, Anatomy for Sculptors, available at the workshop and online at [link https://www.anatomy4sculptors.com/store.php].
Uldis Zarins is a classically trained artist, sculptor, author, and human anatomy expert with 16 years of professional experience in sculpture. He is the author of Anatomy For Sculptors, a teaching methodology, and he is co-founder of Exonicus LLC.

Registration and Payment
Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. A registration fee of $150 is required upon registration. A student is not on the class list until the fee is paid. After attending one workshop, students may receive a 10% tuition discount for attendance in subsequent workshops during the same year. Students are asked to provide a complete mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address when registering. Using American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card, students may register by telephone, Mondays-Fridays, at (800) 849-1931, ext. 6034, or at (843) 235-6034, and by fax at (843) 235-6003. Checks are to be made payable to Brookgreen Gardens and can be sent to: Brookgreen Gardens, Attn: Sculpture Workshops, PO Box 3368, Pawleys Island, SC 29585. Contact sculpture@brookgreen.org for additional information. The full class listing is also found at www.brookgreen.org. A waiting list is established once a class has filled.

Withdrawals, Cancellations and Refund Policies
Withdrawal from a workshop must be in writing and must be given at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the workshop. We prefer to apply the registration fee to a future workshop but, if this is not possible, it will be refunded. If a student withdraws during a workshop, a pro-rated tuition payment plus any fees for materials or models must be paid. The full registration fee ($150) will be kept if a student does not attend and does not provide a written notice of withdrawal by the deadline. Students will receive a full refund in the event that a workshop must be cancelled by Brookgreen Gardens.

Levels of Skill
All workshops require students to have basic familiarity with the subject matter of the class.

Supplies, Books and Additional Fees
A supply list of required materials will be sent approximately one month prior to the start of each workshop. Students may not bring their own clay to the workshop unless the instructor has specified it. If recommended, students are encouraged to obtain books prior to the workshop. Some materials for workshops are provided and some workshops require models, both for additional fees. In the event additional fees are required, they are determined at cost and divided evenly among the students.

Daily Schedule
Although each sculpture workshop begins and ends at the instructor’s discretion, the schedule is generally 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. on the first day, and 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. on subsequent days, which provides six hours of instruction per day. One hour is allowed for lunch. In order to keep to the schedule, students are encouraged to bring their own bag lunches or to use Brookgreen food service facilities. Refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker, water-cooler, and vending machines are located at the Campbell Center.


Robin Salmon, (800) 849-1931, ext. 6012 or (843) 235-6012 or Julia Mills (800) 849-1931, ext 6034 or (843) 235-6034; E-mail, sculpture@brookgreen.org

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