The Master Sculpture Program is supported by a generous gift from Martha Wallace Pellett. Master Sculptor Program Sculptors-in-Residence demonstrate the sculpture process to the visiting public, work on pieces they have in process, give lectures on their work, and teach workshops on a variety of subjects. Since 1999, Master Sculptors have been selected by invitation each year and serve to further advance Brookgreen’s relationship with working sculptors.

2017 Residencies, Workshops, Lectures, and Events


Mar 26 - Apr 9 – Alicia Ponzio (Spring Sculptor in Residence)

Alicia Ponzio is a figurative sculptor working primarily in bronze. Originally from the United States, she completed her sculpture training in Florence, Italy at the Florence Academy of Art (FAA) in 2008. She was then Director of Artistic Anatomy and Écorché Sculpture programs, as well as a figure drawing instructor at the same school for 3 years before returning to San Francisco, CA in July of 2011.  Alicia brings life to her bronzes, using the language of the figure to speak of emotional experiences.  In Italy, she sought an education in the figure, immersed in the aesthetic of the Renaissance and Classical.  She’s drawn to subject matter that’s empathic and timeless.  Recently, her work has been recognized by several international organizations, including the Portrait Society of America, the Society of Portrait Sculptors, The Art Renewal Center, and the Portrait Sculptors Society of the Americas.  She continues to develop her work in her studio in downtown San Francisco and teaches during the academic year at the undergraduate and masters’ degree level.

Sep 24-Oct 7 – Ken Smith (Fall Sculptor in Residence)

Ken Smith started out very early as an artist and had scholarships to two art schools but decided to join the Navy and see the world.  That started a long break from art while he went on to college and eventually became a physician and surgeon.  He retired from the Navy in 1986 after 21 years and practiced plastic and reconstructive surgery until 1998.  About 30 years ago, he began to sculpt stone and other media and taking workshops to learn better techniques.  He has worked in terra cotta, wood, and bronze, but now prefers to work in stone.  In 1996, he had a life-changing experience of spending a month carving stone in Pietrasanta, Italy, where artists have been sculpting marble for hundreds of years.  There he made the decision to retire from medicine and devote himself to stone sculpting.  Others have described his art form as expressionistic figurative sculpture.  He is interested in creating rhythms of light and dark in his pieces and strives to couple these with stimulating and sometimes disturbing themes.  He also wants his pieces to invite the outstretched hand to enhance the experience the viewer shares with his art.  He prefers to work in stone as a direct carver and to use marble, limestone, soapstone, and alabaster.

Lectures and Events
Mar 10 3-in-1 Day at Atalaya, Huntington Beach State Park
Mar 30 Sculptor in Residence Alicia Ponzio– public talk/powerpoint 3 pm Welcome Center Conference Room
April 23 2017 Brookgreen Medal debut and public talk/powerpoint by Heidi Wastweet 4:30 pm, Welcome Center
Jul 13 Brookgreen Gardens 86th Anniversary Lecture by Robin Salmon, 3:00 pm, Lowcountry Auditorium
Sep 30 Sculptor in Residence Ken Smith – lecture, 3 p.m. in the Welcome Center Conference Room

Additional lectures and programs are planned that relate to temporary exhibitions in the Rainey Sculpture Pavilion and other events.