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Bacchante and Infant Faun (Bacchante with Infant Faun)

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Record 639/1203
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Accession# 1993.005
Artist MacMonnies, Frederick William
Collection Art Objects
Credit line Gift of Joseph Veach Noble in honor of Lois Noble
Date 1894
Description "Bacchante and Infant Faun" (Bacchante with Infant Faun) by Frederick William MacMonnies

Home Location storage warehouse
Makers mark Jaboeuf & Rouard/Fondeurs/a/Paris/70812/Rue L'Asile/Popincourt
Medium Metal/bronze/cast
Object ID S.1993.005
Object Name Sculpture
Recfrom Sotheby's
Signed Name F. MacMonnies 1894
Sub-category Art
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