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Record 226/1203
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Accession# 1936.033
Artist de Coux, Janet
Collection Art Objects
Date 1931
Description "Soubrette" by Janet de Coux


"A young woman stands at ease, the right leg thrown sharply forward, the left hand on the hip. A simple dress molds the figure, the surface broken by a row of fluting at the waist. The end of a scarf around her neck flies out over her left arm. Her short, straight hair is held by a wide band. With her right hand she touches the top of a stump beside her, sheathed in leaves and bunches of berries, on the top of which sits a monkey. The original idea is carried out with simplicity. It was modeled in 1931." ("Brookgreen Gardens Sculpture", Beatrice Gilman Proske, 1968).
Home Location SSG/upper level/right side; storage 12/1/97 (019)
Medium Metal/bronze/cast
Object ID S.1936.033
Object Name Sculpture
Recfrom Purchase/Arden Studios/AMH
Signed Name JANET de COUX
Sub-category Art
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