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Record 84/1203
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Accession# 1931.003
Artist Putnam, Brenda
Collection Art Objects
Date 1930
Description "Sundial" by Brenda Putnam


"A roguish boy and a kid stand on the upper edge of a segment of a sphere set with spokes, a foot of each resting on the hub. As the boy holds the goat's forefoot and grasps an ear, their figures continue the circular pattern of the wheel. Around the curved edge of the wheel are the hours, and from the center of the hub springs the gnomon, supported by a winged boy on clouds. The capital of the marble pedestal has on two sides rams' heads butting and on the other two, the head and the forefeet of a goat cropping foliage." ("Brookgreen Gardens Sculpture", Beatrice Gilaman Proske, 1968)

See NOTES for more information.
Dimensions H-31.024 W-20.75 inches
Home Location Near Brown Sculpture Court entrance
Material Bronze on Georgia pink marble pedestal
Medium Bronze on Georgia pink marble pedestal
Object ID S.1931.003
Object Name Sculpture
Recfrom Putnam, Brenda
Sig Loc at back
Signed Name BRENDA PUTNAM, SC 1931 c
Sub-category Art
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