Butterfly House

Whispering Wings Butterfly Experience

Colorful, dainty creatures, butterflies belong to the Lepidoptera order of insects. They are cold-blooded and depend on the sun to regulate their temperature. They are essential pollinators in the garden and need nectar plants for the adults, plants that provide food and camouflage for caterpillars, and plants to provide shelter from wind and rain. All over the world, butterflies are valued for their beauty and currently inhabit every continent except Antarctica.

The butterfly house contains a pupae emergence room where you can observe the transformation from chrysalis to adult butterflies. Interpretive signs throughout the exhibit describe the life cycle of butterflies and the important role they play in our environment. The exhibit is open daily April - October 30, and tickets are $3 for adults and $2 for children in addition to garden admission.

The most recent addition to the Lowcountry Zoo, the butterfly house accommodates dozens of species of butterflies that are native to the Southeast. They support Brookgreen’s mission to exhibit and educate visitors about the animals, ecology, and plants in our area. Come and see its beauty for yourself but don’t forget to bring your camera.